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New Fall Night Light Designs now Available at Pretty Picture Gifts

night lights

Pretty Picture Gifts is an ecommerce site that sells various unique gifts that you can give your wife, mother, brother, husband, sister or even girlfriend as a present to show your love and that you care. The gifts are sold at both retail and wholesale prices and comprise night lights, ID badge holders, pretty pendants, and little mirrors. Whether the woman in your life is celebrating her birthday, wedding anniversary or just need to be appreciated, you will never go wrong with the pretty picture gifts.

All the gifts for her are handmade for a personal touch and you can use them for any occasion. You can use the night light to brighten the play area or room of kids, and even illuminate hallways. The lights come in distinct styles ranging from those with vintage illustrations for a true traditional look to lights with images of nurseries for use in kids’ rooms.

The top notch process of hand crafting the gifts entail image printing on a special paper, followed by the use of two sheets of glass measuring 2.5 by 3.5 inches to cover the image on both sides. Unlike normal paper, the special paper diffuses light much better. Finally, copper foil is used to seal the package after which it’s joined together. For a perfect finishing look, every night light is soldered using beautiful wire accent and solder.

When choosing these gifts for her, you can opt for the ON/OFF switch operated or light sensitive options. Whichever your reason for seeking fancy unique gifts, Pretty Picture Gifts now offers new fall night light designs that can be used as unique birthday gift for her, a gift for warming the house, handmade Christmas gift for him, and gifts for baby showers.

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