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Fairy Castle Child Night Light Fairytale Nightlight close up

Castle Fairytale Night Light


This nightlight features a vintage storybook illustration. The image is of elves traveling to a distant castle. A fairy is waiting in the foreground, but it is difficult to tell if the elves are up to good or not-so-good! I love this image because the story can go either way. Are they off to help the evil Queen?....Traveling to cancel a spell?...Off to save a maiden?...or just up to mischief?

Each of my nightlights are handmade with great care. I first print off an image on special parchment paper that defuses the light far better than normal paper, then sandwich the image between 2 sheets of glass, seal with copper foil and solder it together. Each night light is finished with decorative solder and a wire accent.  The glass art is affixed with a clear plastic clip onto a high quality light sensitive or ON/OFF switch.


  • 4 WATT frosted bulb included (U.L. Recommended Maximum Wattage for Night Lights)
  • Intended for use with any standard vertical outlet (120v).
  • The glass face measures 2.5"W x 3.5"H.



Great item, shipped fast!!


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