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Pretty Little Mirrors

These small inexpensive gifts are perfect for coworkers, friends far away (they fit perfectly in a birthday card), bridesmaids, wedding favors, baby shower favors, birthday giveaways, fundraisers, graduation gifts, and any event you need to have a small token to give away!

The 2 1/4 inch size is perfect for your purse, make-up bag, office desk, school locker or gym bag.

My mirrors measure 2.25" in diameter. Opposite side is genuine glass compact pocket mirror. Image is fully sealed and protected with a sheet of mylar. The mylar also adds a nice glossy finish to your mirror.

A small grey satin or organza gift bag will be included with each mirror. The perfect gift stocking stuffer for the holidays and a unique birthday gift for a special person in your life.

Contact us at if you are:

  • Interested in a larger quantity
  • Would like a custom image or company logo put on a mirror