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Each of my nightlights are handmade with great care. I first print off an image on special parchment paper that defuses the light far better than normal paper, then sandwich the image between 2 sheets of glass, seal with copper foil and solder it together. Each night light is finished with decorative solder and a wire accent.  The glass art is affixed with a clear plastic clip onto a high quality light sensitive or ON/OFF switch.


  • 4 WATT frosted bulb included (U.L. Recommended Maximum Wattage for Night Lights)
  • Intended for use with any standard vertical outlet (120v).
  • The glass face measures 2.5"W x 3.5"H.



These Swivel Clip Reels are the best choice for Doctors, Nurses and Hospital Staff! Clip attaches to any part of any garment and is great for connecting to a pocket or the neck-line of scrubs. The Swivel has 360 Degree Rotation which allows you to "badge yourself in" at card readers at any height. They attach and and are removed easily and are of the Highest Quality!


  • Glass dome sealed over a high resolution laser image
  • Round badge reel, w/ clear vinyl strap & swivel spring clip
  • Reel Diameter 1-1/4" (32Mm). Cord Length 34" (864Mm)
  • Swivel spring clip allows a full 360 degree rotation
  • Attaches to Nearly Any Part of Any Garment



These small inexpensive gifts are perfect for coworkers, friends far away (they fit perfectly in a birthday card), bridesmaids, wedding favors, baby shower favors, birthday giveaways, fundraisers, graduation gifts, and any event you need to have a small token to give away!


  • The pocket mirror measures 2.25" in diameter.
  • Opposite side is genuine glass compact pocket mirror.
  • Image is fully sealed and protected with a sheet of mylar. The mylar also adds a nice glossy finish to your mirror. 
  • A small satin or organza gift bag will be included with each mirror. Perfect for gift giving!



My handmade pendants are 30 mm (1 3/16 inch) in diameter instead of the standard 1 inch pendants that are generally sold on Etsy. I chose this size because they are lovelier than the 1" pendants! The glass dome is deeper, making the image stand out more.


  • Metal is either antique brass or antique copper, depending on the listing
  • Glass dome sealed over a high resolution laser image
  • Chain color matches metal bezel
  • Chain length is approximately 23 inches
  • Your pendant is not fully waterproof ~ so please do not wear it while bathing