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Shabby Chic Pig Name Badge Holder


This retractable ID badge is a shabby chic design of a domestic pig with a golden crown with wings...a pig with a crown AND wings. Isn't there a saying about "when pigs can fly.. impossibility...?" Never impossible! :O)

Retractable ID badge reels are ideal for Doctors, Medical staff, Nurses, Educators, Students, and anyone that is required to wear identification. I say...why not look stylish while waring one!

These Swivel Clip Reels are the best choice for Doctors, Nurses and Hospital Staff! Clip attaches to any part of any garment and is great for connecting to a pocket or the neck-line of scrubs. The Swivel has 360 Degree Rotation which allows you to "badge yourself in" at card readers at any height. They Attach and and are Removed easily and are of the Highest Quality!


Glass dome sealed over a high resolution laser image

  • Round badge reel, w/ clear vinyl strap & swivel spring clip
  • Reel Diameter 1-1/4" (32Mm). Cord Length 34" (864Mm)
  • Swivel spring clip allows a full 360 degree rotation
  • Attaches to Nearly Any Part of Any Garment

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